About Queen Cage

Beekeeping always had a special place in my heart. But for many of us, it’s very difficult to start because of, you know, those pesky bites! I was no different than any other who wanted to start beekeeping but was too afraid.

However, I and my team of bee enthusiasts mustered up the courage and let go of our fears. Then, our story as amateurs began and experimented with many little as well as big things.

Now, we are a team of expert and amateur beekeeping enthusiasts where we explore the world of beekeeping. Then, we figured out, “Why not share our knowledge with the rest of the world?”. Because we don’t want others to make the same mistakes we did! 

That’s how Queencage.com was born and we started a completely new journey of sharing all sorts of information with other bee enthusiasts. From making your honey production fast to keeping dragonflies away from your bees, we cover several crucial issues that you will be eager to know!

So, if you want to start your beekeeping adventure, you’re at the right place! Because your tiny friends need all the love and care in the world.

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