Bee Pro vs Ultra Bee

Bee Pro vs Ultra Bee: Find Out the Best for Bee

Do you know why pollen substitute is essential? When natural pollen resources are deficient, beekeepers use pollen substitutes. 

To choose a pollen substitute, some factors need to be kept in mind. Sometimes it is pretty tricky for beekeepers to collect the best pollen substitute for their bee colonies.  

Want to discover which one is more preferable, bee pro vs ultra bee? 

When it comes to pollen substitutes, an essential ingredient is protein. Ultra bee has 65% essential protein for the bee. On the contrary, bee pro has all the necessary amino acids. Which is one of the indispensable strands for bee brood production. Both come in dry form which is easier to feed. 

No, this is not the whole thing. To know every factor better, you will need a few more things to observe. 

What are you waiting for? 

Bee Pro vs Ultra Bee: Sneak Peek

When you are confused about what is the best pollen substitute for bees, pretty sure you considered both bee pro and ultra bee.  

Bee pro pollen substitute is specially made for commercial beekeepers. Basically, who feeds carbohydrates in the form of syrup.

Ultra bee pollen substitute serves the same purpose as other pollen substitutes. But obviously, ultra bee ingredients are different from the bee pro ingredients. It represses all the compulsory minerals deposits and different indispensable strands. 

Can we see a brief overview between bee pro vs ultra bee?

Bee Pro Ultra Bee 
Comes in a dry form. Comes as a dry substance
Not less than 40% proteinAround 65% protein
Contains amino acidContains 58% crude protein
No need to mixReady to feed
Increased bee populationIncreased breed production
Mann Lake Bee Pro Patties with Pro HealthMann Lake Ultra Bee Dry Feed Pail

So now you can choose a substitute for bees from seeing the bee pro vs ultra bee review. But not the best one. For that you still need to go further to check the other considerable factors that are still not discussed. 

Are you getting anxious thinking about those? You do not even need to worry a bit. I am here to explain all the crucial details for you.

May I start?

Bee Pro vs Ultra Bee: A Comprehensive Synopsis

During the off-season, when natural ingredients are insufficient, you can take the help of a pollen substitute. 

You should know some basic pollen substitute factors before purchasing anything. All the bees can not consume any kind of pollen substitute. 

Let me ask you something first. Do you know in which form you should feed pollen substitutes? Well, the dry form of pollen substitute is considered the best state. 

It has a few advantages if you provide the dry pollen substitute. 

Bees’ body structure is the main reason for this. Antenna cleaning staff, brooms, and spore pushes are among some of the spicules used by pollinators to obtain grimy haulage pollen.

Bee pro pollen substitute comes in a dry form. Therefore the confusion between ultra bee dry vs bee pro starts. But which one it is, one thing is constant that you will not face any hassle to mix and serve. You will not have any additional ingredients like bulk sugar or soy flour. 

Ultra bee also makes the activity undemanding for you. “Buy and serve”  – you can follow this method. You need to serve in the feed tray. 

Brood Production and Colony Strength

Pollen substitute is mostly used for providing extra protein supplements. If your bee doesn’t get enough protein from the pollen substitute, then there’s is no point in giving that. 

If you provide your bees with the bee pro pollen substitute, your bees’ brood production will drastically fall in the first few days. After that, it’ll rise up. And the final colony strength score is nearly 5.8 on a scale of 10. 

For the ultra bee, in the first few days, brood production will rise. For the next few days, it will slightly fall down. But finally, it’ll rise high. The final colony strength score is nearly 6. Which is the highest among all pollen substitutes. 

Winner: Ultra bee


You already wonder why you need a pollen substitute? Let me tell you one more time. Before buying a pollen substitute, you need to check if their sufficient nutrient element is present or not. 

If there is any lack of protein or vitamins, then you should avoid that product. 

Bee pro’s main ingredient is various amino acids. This produces a wide range of proteins that will aid your bees in expanding newly hatched fabrication.

This ragweed replacement contains B vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids but not sterols. Which helps paramedic pollinators increase yields for the caterpillars. They aspire to feel empathy for in the coming years.

It’s vital to recognize what this package contains. But it’s also crucial to know what it doesn’t constitute. 

There is no bud in this product. Because some organic material will have been infected with herbicides or ailments. The product didn’t include this in the conidia replacement.

By omitting instinctual ovum from the commodity. They can help assure that your pollinators ingest only high-quality additives that will aid the colony in remaining strong.

Ultra bee’s main ingredient is 65% protein. It also involves a number of nutrients, mineral deposits, and triglycerides. All of these elements are requisite to maximize newly hatched economic output in a colony. 

This pollinator spore replacement contains no soy or mammal metabolic end. This is advantageous if you are focused on the quality of additives you graze your bees. 

Winner: Ultra Bee

Here are some best available ultra bees that are recommended for you. 

You can avail these products in your nearest shop. 

Price and Variability 

It is one of the factors of packaging. Not all beekeepers need an identical proportion of ingredients. 

Bee pro also comes in a choice of sizes, making it a suitable possibility for both a leisure activity and promotional beekeepers.

The ultra bee pollinator spore replacement comes in different sizes. You can set the height determined by the number of containers you preserve and your spending plan. 

The product’s lifespan is guesstimated to be only about a year and a half, which is effective if you want to buy the ingredients.

Ultra bee is a slightly high price compared to bee pro.

Winner: Bee Pro

Final Result

Choosing a bee spore successor is only half the battle. It’s critical to understand when, how, and why you might use pollinator spore supplements when elevating bees.

Ultra Bee, which has been experimentally evolved to provide the best bee nourishment. It’s said to complement instinctual pollen’s contribution in the field by developing a holistic amino acid profile. 

That makes it possible for bees to end up making the most of the advantageous vitamin supplements, lipids, and mineral deposits. Ultra bees have 65% protein. 

The colony strength score is nearly 6 which is the highest among all the pollen substitutes. 

They necessitate performing at a high level. Firmer, healthier Lepidoptera!

Despite the fact that the ultra bee pollen substitute is a bit higher price than bee pro. 

Hope this helps you to choose between ultra bee vs bee pro patties without any hassle. Also, always remember to stay away from dragonflies.

That’s all for you, beekeeper! 

Now I have stated some frequently asked questions for you to understand better.


Some most asked beekeeping-related queries are presented here-

Is pollen replacement beneficial to bees?

Many beekeepers have discovered that leading to a shortage of instinctual roughage in our natural and industrial terrains, consuming ragweed alternatives has become requisite for most parts of the state to hold bees nutritious. During the offseason, most beekeepers prefer feed pollen substitutes.

How frequently do bumble bees consume water?

Each bee that absorbs moisture creates approximately 50 trips, thus every moment accumulating approximately 25 mg of liquid. When there is insufficient water in the colony, worker drones will stop scavenging and help with drip irrigation. In warmer months, settlers may require numerous gallons of water each day.

When can you discontinue feeding pollinators in preparation for the cold season?

The key to managing bees in the cold season is to leave them unattended. But even so, from December onwards, it is advisable to evaluate that they still have adequate nourishment periodically for 2 to 3 weeks. This is highly crucial if the plantation is small and/or was gentle on stores in late fall.

End Note

Now, can you identify which one is to buy as a pollen substitute? I have tried my best to present differences between bee pro vs ultra bee. 

Pollen substitutes are usually used to serve protein to the bees. If that does not fulfill, then there is no point. Try to follow the words.


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