Beeswax Smells Bad

Beeswax Smells Bad: 8 Reasons & Quick Solutions

One of the best ways for pleasant odor in the room is using Beeswax. They are made of natural elements with zero negative impact on the environment. 

But the problem begins when the Beeswax smells bad. Both homemade and factory-made Beeswax can have a bad odor.

Today we will solve this problem once and for all. So, why does Beeswax smell bad?

Beeswax can smell bad for several reasons. Using waxes from the bottom of the old combs can cause the smell. Also overheating and chemicals are sometimes responsible for the bad odor. Moreover, other volatile compounds can affect the smell of the wax. Diseased hives can make your Beeswax smelly too. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg. A lot more details are still there. 

Let’s know everything about the problem and shoot them out of your door. 

Reasons for Beeswax Bad Smell

Beeswax is used to get a pleasant smell throughout the room. Nobody expects a bad odor from it. But for some factors, Beeswax smells bad

Let’s check these factors first-

Reason 1: Old Comb

One of the reasons behind the bad smell is the use of old combs. The quality of the honeycombs reduces significantly with time. And the bad smell is one of the many side effects of old honeycombs.

As the Beeswax is made from this honeycomb, its quality also deteriorates. The problem with an old honeycomb is that it gets contaminated on a high level. Because it easily gets affected by viruses, fungi, bacteria, pesticides, and pesticides. 

That’s why it’s necessary to cover the comb in multiple layers of plastic wraps. Otherwise, you can store it in an airtight plastic box to avoid moisture or bacteria. So get an airtight box right now and save your old combs-

So if you’ve complaints like- my beeswax smells bad, then the reason can be old honeycomb because of inadequate storage. 

Reason 2: Wax Scraped from the Bottom of the Frame 

Bee cultivation is carried out in frames commercially. The bees build their hives on the frames and then store honey in them. The problem occurs when the cultivator takes out wax from the bottom of the frame.

The wax scraped from the bottom consists of many unnecessary materials. The eggs, larvae, and pupae of bees are present there. Collectively these are called broods. Dead bodies of drones (male bees) also rot at the bottom of the frame.

Moreover, propolis gets mixed with the wax of the frame. This material works as the cement of the hive. 

All these things get decomposed together in the Beeswax. As a result, the Beeswax smells like smoke or worse.

That’s why using a beekeeping strainer is a good practice. It helps to filter out the debris and other pollutants.

Reason 3: Overheating 

Beeswax is prepared from the honeycombs. It is made by boiling the honeycomb. The temperature at which the Beeswax is made plays an important role. Too much heating will damage the quality of it. 

The optimum temperature of heating is 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating above this point has negative effects on the Beeswax. 

Even solar heaters can overheat the comb if the sun is too strong. The Beeswax smells bad because of this overheating. Therefore, you should use sun shade sail on your beehive to given them protection from sun heat when needed.

Here are some shade options you can look into today-

Reason 4: Use of Chemicals 

Beeswax is made from a natural substance. It is famous for its natural soothing presence. 

But cultivators sometimes use artificial chemicals while making the Beeswax. Also, natural ingredients can react and form new unwanted chemicals. 

These chemicals have unpleasant odors. The Beeswax is affected by these odors. And then the smell starts to come out when you burn the Beeswax candles. 

Reason 5: Diseased Hive 

Disease or contamination is a condition that every bee cultivator fears. Diseases have serious influences on the condition of honey and other hive-related products. Bees dying can be a symptom of a diseased hive.

What does beeswax smell like is hugely dependent on the health condition of the bees? If the hive or the bees are sick, the wax can get smelly. The taste of the honey also changes because of this.

Reason 6: Fermentation 

Does beeswax smell like honey? No, it doesn’t. It only has a light flavor of honey in its fragrance. But this flavor can get damaged because of Fermentation. Fermentation is pretty common in products like honey and sugar.

Fermentation completely changes the taste and smell of honey and wax. The fermented wax has a very pungent and bad smell. It’s important to use fresh Beeswax for this reason. 

Reason 7: Smelly Nectar 

Does beeswax smell bad shouldn’t be a question because it has a very fresh smell. This smell comes from different flowers. Bees collect honey roaming all around the garden. They bring the fragrance of the flowers with the honey.

But there can be some mishaps in this sector. Sometimes bees collect honey from flowers with smelly nectars. The honey and wax both get affected by this smell. And the final result is smelly Beeswax. 

All these factors can change the light sweet smell of Beeswax into a bad smell. But by taking proper precautions you can keep your Beeswax fresh. Go through our next section to know the required methods!

4 Ways to Getting Rid of Beeswax Smells Bad 

Nobody likes Beeswax with a bad smell. And making good quality Beeswax is not tough. But you will need the proper instructions. Below we will present you with the best tips to make the Beeswax. 

Tip 1: Use Fresh Honeycomb from the Top

Using a fresh comb is very necessary to make the perfect Beeswax. It will ensure all the best qualities in the Beeswax. 

Also, you have to be careful while scraping the wax. Scraping from the wrong place can make the Beeswax smelly.

As a Beeswax distributor, you should take the top portion of the comb only. Then there will be less risk of producing smelly Beeswax. Also, use a sharp and strong scraper to scrap the wax nicely from the frame.

From the start of my beekeeping career, I’m using the following tools. And till now they’re servicing well. You can choose one as well-

Tip 2: Maintain Proper Temperature 

Once you gather the honeycomb, you have to boil it. Don’t boil too much. 

Use a thermometer to keep the temperature below the danger point. Don’t cross the mark of 165 degrees Fahrenheit to stay on the safe side. Here are some thermometer recommendations that can help you in this case. Take a look-

Tip 3: Store the Beeswax in a Secured Place

Making the Beeswax in the correct method will not be enough for ensuring good quality. Carefulness is extremely essential while preserving and storing the wax. You have to keep some factors in mind for it.

Don’t store the Beeswax in a wet place. Choose a dry and shady place for the job. This will prevent fermentation. You have to keep the wax separate too. Otherwise, the smell of other materials can affect your Beeswax. 

I store them in jars and that protects them from getting any bad odor. You should also get some jars to store your beeswax securely. So, you can pick one from the following table right away-

Tip 4: Keep the Bees Healthy with Fragranced Flowers

This is a factor that is very important for honey cultivation. Sick bees are not good for the business. They will ruin the taste and smell of the honey. Other byproducts like the wax will also lose quality. 

Check the health of your bees and make sure they are healthy. Supply them with well-scented flowers. Then the healthy bees will collect honey with a good smell. And beeswax will also have a sweet fragrance.

If the bees are tired, giving them supplementary foods is a good way to boost their stamina. Bulk sugar for bees is a well-known solution in this aspect.

Also, there are plenty of vitamin supplements in the market for bees as well. You can give those to your bees with the sugar water.

Here are the ones I use and worked well for my brood growth with healthy bees-

Now you know how to get rid of the beeswax smell. If you are a customer, buy the good branded products comparing the Beeswax price. Follow our tips properly for your desired outcome. 


Does beeswax have a strong smell? 

No, Beeswax does not have a strong smell. When bees produce beeswax it contains no smell or color. Then bees store honey in it. After a prolonged period, the wax gets some of the smell from the honey. 

Why are my homemade beeswax candles tunneling?

Your homemade Beeswax candles are tunneling because of inappropriate burning. The beeswax is made from honey combs and candles are produced from it. In this procedure, the Beeswax needs to be boiled and burned properly. 

Can you add fragrance oil to beeswax candles?

Yes, you can add fragrance oil to Beeswax candles. Fragrance oils are a good way to get your favorite smell from the candle. However, the Beeswax candles have a sweet scent on them. 


Now you know the reasons behind Beeswax smells bad and the solution. We have tried our best to help you in this matter.

Besides making candles you can also use Beeswax as a lubricant. Apply Beeswax on the furniture joints to make them more smooth.

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