How Much Does a Frame of Honey Weigh

How Much Does a Frame of Honey Weigh? [Calculated]

Suffice to say honey isn’t only important for human beings but also bees. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the measure of a frame of honey to make the best use of it without harming its production. 

We also understand any new beekeepers in the market can have difficulty with the honey weight and its value.

So, it comes to the question of how does a frame of honey weigh?

The quickest way is to take a scale and weigh out the empty frame to deduce the weight of the full frame. Normally, an entire ten-frame deep weighs 80-90 pounds (36-41 kg). On the other hand, an entire ten-frame medium weighs 65-75 pounds (29-34 kg). Also, there are about 3,000 bees to a pound.

Weighing honey should be easy once you learn the method. Hence, this writer intends to resolve issues you might have about it.

So let’s not wait any further and get into the main issue.

Why is Weighing Your Frame of Honey Important?

Simple! It’s an incredible way to see how your bees are doing.


Weighing your frames should deliver you a relatively decent idea about the production rate of honey. Or the approximate count of bees which might be necessary at times when beehives are at-risk of dragonflies or other insects. 

Now let’s know why you need to weigh your honey frames! Shall we?


So, why should you care how much honey the bees have? 

One extremely significant motive is overwintering. You see, bees can’t move around in the cold, and they rely on their honey to survive, and stay warm. Being sure of where you reside and how tough your winters are, your bees require a specific proportion of honey reserves to live the winter. 

That’s why weighing the frame of honey in the winter will enlighten you about the number of honey supplies of your bees. The calculation will advise you if you’re required to start providing them sugar syrup to help them survive till the spring. 

Bee Count

Moreover, measuring is helpful during different periods of the year, as well. During a honey string, you can often check to know the amount of honey your bees are delivering. Their speed can be pretty surprising!

If you measure frequently and encounter a swarm, you can measure again to get a count of bees you’ve lost. There are about 3,000 bees to a pound. For instance, the regular 3lb batch has nearly 10,000 bees.

However, in the next section, we’re going to discuss how you can calculate the weight of your honey frame. Let’s dive into it!

The Amount of Honey in a Frame


So how do you weigh a frame of honey? Surprisingly, there are limited commercial alternatives than you’d guess. Nevertheless, let’s find out what we have there.

Different Frame Size and Capacity

There are three fundamental sizes of Langstroth frames for beehives according to deep hive bodies, medium or shallow honey supers. They are-

So now, let’s find out how much these different honey frames weigh and how much honey they can hold.

How Much Does a Deep Frame of Honey Weigh?

The lengths of the sidebars differ based on the frames. Deep frames are 19″x 1-1/16″x 9-1/8″. 

A deep box of honey weight is gonna vary to a degree depending on whether you’re using 10 frames or 9 frames in your honey supers. 

First, get a digital bathroom scale and then stand on it to measure your weight then record it. Next, pull the deep box of honey up with your hands and stand over the scale again to measure.

Now subtract your weight from the weight of you with the honey box. This should weigh around 75-80 pounds.

So each deep frame honey would weigh around, if we take 80 pounds, then (80÷10) or 8 pounds.

How Much Does a Medium Frame of Honey Weigh?

Medium frames are 19″x 1-1/16″x 6-1/4″. Now to measure the 10-frame medium you can follow the method below:

You can achieve something similar to the technique we followed while measuring the deep frames. You can lift your 10 medium frame box from above with a sturdy luggage scale (the sort you swing a bag from). 

If you tie a screw to opposite walls of the lid of your hive, you can lean each side up by the luggage scale. Then add the two weights together. Just confirm that you strap all the crates together first. Otherwise, you might end up measuring just the top one!

Now you should record a result of around 65-75 pounds for the entire ten-frame medium. So each medium frame weighs around (75÷10) or 7.5 pounds.

How Much Does a Shallow Frame of Honey Weigh?

Shallow frames are 19″x1-1/16″x 5-3/8″. You can use a fish scale to measure a 10-frame shallow.

You should get a reading of around 46-50 pounds from 10-frame shallow. Therefore, each shallow frame should weigh around (50÷10) or 5 pounds.

Still Confused?

If you’re still confused, then simply grab a bare frame and place it on a scale. Next, weigh a full frame and apply the maths. 

You need to deduct the weight of the empty frame from the weight of the full-frame. This is how you’ll get to know the weight of the honeycomb and honey together.

Generally, honey weighs about seven times as much as a honeycomb. For every 8 pounds of full weight, you have 1 pound of honeycomb and 7 pounds of honey. You just need to take your total frame weight and divide it by eight. Then you’ll learn approximately how much the honeycomb weighs.

At this point, we would like to suggest you handle your beehive with care and extract honey from the hives with proper safety.

Here are some tool recommendations for you that can ease the entire honey collecting process for you. Take a look-

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We hope you can now easily measure your honey frames without any difficulty. 


How much does a gallon of honey weigh?

Generally, a gallon of honey weighs around 12Ibs. However, the density differs between different kinds of honey. Moreover, the water content and purity of the honey matter as well.

How much honey does a bee have per day?

Usually, a colony with 50,000 bees requires about 2 pounds of 50% sugar syrup per day, or nearly 700 pounds of food each year. Maximum nectars have less than 50% sugar. So the quantity of nectar to help a big colony is actually more than 700 pounds a year.


We’ve tried our best to answer your question, how much does a frame of honey weigh.

However, beeswax is very crucial in hives. So be careful not to mishandle it while harvesting honey. If you accidentally separate the wax from the grounds, make sure you put it back with natural wax.

Have a sweet day!

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