How Much Honey Per Frame?

How Much Honey Per Frame? [Explained]

Beekeeping is an interesting hobby to look forward to. It not only works as a mind refreshment but also brings money if you’re committed.

But just like every other thing, beekeeping is hard and confusing at the beginning. It’s easy to get confused over the quantity a honey supers holds. 

So you may find yourself asking how much honey per frame

A shallow super can hold 24-36 pounds of honey depending on the number of frames. For medium super, the range is between 32 to 48 pounds. For a deep superframe, it’s 48 to 72 pounds. The superframe boxes can be of 12, 10, or 8 frames. So how much honey you’ll get greatly depends on your super size.

That’s just the sneak peek. To get more details be with us in this discussion. So, let’s start right away!

How Much Honey Do You Get from One Frame?

The amount of honey you can collect from one frame depends on various factors. As much as I want to give a simple answer, it’s not so simple. That’s because honey production depends on more than just one variable. 

The first thing to consider is that honey frames come in various sizes. Unless you don’t know which size frame you’re using it’s hard to answer it. 

They mainly come in shallow, medium, and deep frames. If you know the size it’s easy to figure out how much your honey frame weighs.

Depending on which frame you’re using the amount will be different. Weather, season, and equipment are the other factors that honey production depends on.

Now, it’s perfectly normal to be confused if you’re new to this. But we can help you figure it out. Surf through our next segments to find out “how much honey in a frame”.

How Much Honey Per Shallow Frame?

Shallow honey frames come in 19 inches x 1-1/16 inches x 5-3/8 inches. And how much honey can it hold? A single shallow honey frame can hold around 3 pounds of honey.

Of course, the amount may vary depending on other factors. But the standard amount is 3 pounds. The amount of honey cells in a shallow frame is around 2058 per side.

How Much Honey Per Medium Frame?

Medium honey frames come in 19 inches x 1-1/16 inches x 6-1/4 inches. It is bigger than shallow honey frames. A single medium frame can contain around 4 pounds of honey.

The amount may fluctuate considering different variables. But this is the standard amount for medium honey frames. For a medium frame, there are approximately 2310 honey cells per side.

How Much Honey Per Deep Frame?

The deep frame is bigger than the other two frame sizes. They come in 19 inches x 1-1/16 inches x 9-1/8 inches. The amount one deep frame can hold is around 6 pounds.

Similar to the previous sizes, the amount to be expected can vary. But the standard is considered to be 6 pounds. A deep frame has approximately 3500 honey cells per side.

How Much Honey Per Super Frame?

A superframe of honey is made of 12 frames in a box. It’s also called a full-depth box. It’s the biggest-sized frame box among all honey supers. 

Now, superframes can be made out of shallow, medium, or deep frames. So, how much honey can they hold? Let’s take a look at this-

SuperframesNumber of framesHoney per frameTotal amount 
Shallow superframe123 pounds3×12= 36 pounds
Medium superframe124 pounds4×12= 48 pounds
Deep superframe126 pounds6×12= 72 pounds

Super frames are available in 10 or 8 frames in total. So apart from 12 frames, you can use 10 frames or 8 frame super boxes. Here’s a calculation on how much honey 10 frame super frames can hold-

SuperframesNumber of framesHoney per frameTotal amount 
Shallow superframe103 pounds3×10= 30 pounds
Medium superframe104 pounds4×10= 40 pounds
Deep superframe106 pounds6×10= 60 pounds

For superframes with 8 frames in total-

SuperframesNumber of framesHoney per frameTotal amount 
Shallow superframe83 pounds3×8= 24 pounds
Medium superframe84 pounds4×8= 32 pounds
Deep superframe86 pounds6×8= 48 pounds

Hopefully, now there won’t be any confusion on the number of honey superframes can hold. Also, I hope this helps you decide on a honey frame size for your harvest.

You know how much honey you’ll get per frame. Now you would need tools to get all these honey out of the frame. Here’s our recommendation on Beekeeping supplies.

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Other Considerable Factors

As we mentioned before, supersize isn’t the only variable affecting honey production. The place where you’re harvesting, the climate, equipment, predators & pests are some considerable factors.

The right season for honey harvesting is in the late summer before September. Although we see honey harvesting three times a year now. This is considered to be the right time.

Warm climate areas are preferable for honey harvesting. Cold weather turns the honey thicker and makes it hard to extract. In some cases, you’d need to build insulation for your harvest areas.

Good pieces of equipment are another big factor for honey production. It helps greatly with extracting honey without much difficulty in less time. Keeping pests and predators away is also important.

Pests like dragonflies threaten beehives and hamper honey production. So, necessary steps must be taken to keep them away.


It’s hard to include all sorts of information altogether. But I’m sure you still have more questions to ask. Maybe this segment can help.

How much honey is in an 8 frame medium super?

An 8 frame medium super can contain approximately 28 to 35 pounds of honey. The closest standard value is 32 pounds. So you can expect an amount close to this number. Harvesting in the late summer season would give the closest amount to the standard.

How much honey is in a flow frame?

A single fully filled flow frame can hold around 6.5lb(3kg) of honey. A super flow frame box with 6 frames can contain around 18 kg honey. For 7 frames the amount would be nearly 20 kg. If bees build out all the frames then the amount may get even bigger.

How much honey is in a 10 frame medium super?

A 10 frame medium super can accommodate around 37 to 42 pounds of honey. The closest standard amount is 40 pounds. If each cell is build-out and is capped then the honey production will be more. It may cross the standard amount. That’s why it’s advised to harvest in late summer.


That was all about how much honey per frame? Hopefully, you’ve got the answers you were looking for. We would be happy if our mentioned information were of help to you.

If you’re new to honey keeping, we send you our regards. The whole processing may be hard in the beginning but it gets better. 

So, good luck!

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