How to Make Bee Quick!

How to Make Bee Quick! – A Step by Step Instructional Guide 

Getting your honey bees out of the hives can be a painful task sometimes. At times, without using any extra odor it is a near-impossible task. Bee quick can be a useful tool at times like these. 

Hence, you might be wondering how to make bee quick

Before making your own bee quick, you need to gather some supplies first.  After gathering supplies, you’ll need to measure them to exact proportions. Finally, mixing them all together will give you an effective bee quick. Then you can use it for your beehives. 

That was only a quick overview. A step-by-step procedure on making bee quick is waiting for you.  

So, what’s the delay? Let’s dive right into the article. 

What is Bee Quick and How Does it Work? 

You need to understand two things prior to making bee quick. The first one is, what is bee quick? The bee quick is a substance to draw the bees out of their hives. The bees feel some sort of unrest for this substance. But it’s nothing compared to dragonflies threatening beehives

Secondly, how does the bee quick threaten the bees? Generally, it is applied on the fume or breeze board. The fume board is kept somewhere near the hive which is exposed to the air. The fume releases a non-toxic aroma from the applied liquid. The aroma might smell good to you. However, this compels the bees to leave the beehive.

Ingredients Needed for Making a Bee Quick?

A bee quick is said to have multiple recipes. Some use vinegar, tea tree extract, almond extract, or rubbing alcohol.

Some of them proved to be effective and some were not. So, it’s a bit tricky to make your own bee quick. It isn’t like buying a bulk of sugar and using it to manage beehives. It needs some more ingredients than mentioned above. 

Ingredients that are needed for making a bee quick are-

10 Fume BoardsUsed as a platform to apply bee quick onto it.Check Price
Tea Tree OilUsed to keep the repellent for a long time.Check Price
Imitation Almond ExtractUsed as a repellent for the bees.Check Price
99% (Isopropyl Alcohol)Used to conserve extract and oilCheck Price
8Oz Spray BottleUsed as a container for the bee quickCheck Price

3 Easy Steps to Make Bee Quick 

Economically it is more efficient if a bee quick bottle is bought. But if you are willing to go the extra mile, here are the steps:

Step 1 

Firstly, clean the 8oz bottle thoroughly. 

Step 2

Then Mix 4oz of isopropyl alcohol, 2oz of imitation almond extract, and 1oz of tea oil. 

Step 3 

Finally, mix the mixture well and store it in a bottle.

And voila! Your bee quick is done. In case you need more, increase the number of ingredients. But make sure to mix them in proper proportion. 

Once you’ve made it, apply the mixture onto the fume board by spraying. After applying, leave the board exposed to the air. You should situate the board somewhere close to the beehive. This will ensure that the odor reaches the hive.

Afterward, you can collect the honey from the hive and enjoy it. 

A Few Precautionary Tips

Some of the ingredients are hazardous for you. You’ve to take some precautions while making bee quick. Also, some things should be kept in mind while applying the bee quick. Here are some tips for your convenience-  

Tip 1

While making the bee quick, you’ll need to handle a high percentage of alcohol. So, it is essential to use good quality gloves. Otherwise, your hand might face skin issues and other health hazards. 

Tip 2

You need to take protective measures while spraying the mixture onto the fume board. For example, wear proper gloves and masks. 

Tip 3 

You have to make sure that you don’t over-apply the bee quick. Bees will start coming out from the entrance if there’s too much of it. 

Tip 4

The weather needs to be warm out in order for it to work effectively. In warm conditions, the fume board gets warm and penetrates deep into the hive.


How do you use a Bee fast?

Spray the Bee quick in a zig-zag pattern. Spray the liquid across the entire fume board. Also, spray between the board frame and the hive body. This will draw the bees out at a much faster rate.

What is Honey B gone?

Honey B gone is another substance made of natural oil. The odor of this substance also irritates the bees. This is almost as close to a bee quick. 

How do you use a bee bandit?

Bee Bandit is also applied onto the fume boards. Bee bandit is applied on the borders of the board where the bees congregate. Smoke the board slightly, remove the inner and outer cover of the fume board. Place it on the hive felt side down and adjust the corners. Therefore, the board can be exposed to the bees and maintain the airflow. 


Making a bee quick can be very confusing sometimes. But now you know how to make bee quick. Also, what procedures you should keep in mind while making for yourself. Now, go give it a try and see how it affects your beehive, 

Do let us know what procedures you followed and what were the results. 

Till then, have a beautiful day!

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