When To Add Second Brood Box

When To Add Second Brood Box?

The important thing is to keep track of how many frames your bees have utilized in each box. So, you want to understand when to feature the second brood box. But you don’t have a proper idea about it!

So, when to add the second brood box?

Well, you just need to follow a few things. First of all, you need to observe the first time honey starts getting filled. So, when you see it, add the second brood box. The duration and how to do it is explained in detail below. 

This is just a brief. So, manage some time to read the detailed part.

Sounds about right? Let’s get started!

What Is A Second Brood Box/Checkerboarding In Beekeeping?

You might be wondering what checkerboarding is! So, let’s get to know about it!

Checkerboarding explains how to keep bees from swarming by using a certain hive management strategy. This is the bee colony’s first swarm preparation activity. So, the brood volume will be reduced by building additional stores within the brood region. 

Advantages Of A Double Brood Box

Two brood boxes together make up a double brood box. With a queen excluder over the second brood box, a mated queen bee has access to both. 

As a result, the mated queen is unable to gain entrance to the top honey boxes. There are generally a large number of bees in both boxes. 

Is Double Brood Box Beekeeping Good?

When bees become overcrowded, they will consider swarming and stay for a while. A large number of bees are concentrated in one place. As a result, double brood box accounting is required. 

Because this diverts the bees’ attention away from the construction of swarm cells. As a result of your feeding, the bees will begin drawing comb in the second brood box. This will provide the bees with a job instead of building cells and swarming.

When To Add Second Brood Box/Checkerboarding?

When the first honey starts to fill up, just add another empty honey super. Then alternate full and empty images in a pattern. If you have two incubators, you can turn them over in the spring. 

However, this isn’t always mandatory. Once the primary honey super is sort of full, add some other one. Then the frame is like a chessboard.

Understanding The 80% Rule (Brood, Pollen, Or Honey)

It’s important to understand approximately the 80% rule. Even if you don’t, make sure you do when adding a second brood box. However, a variety of humans don’t understand approximately it properly. So, let’s get a few thoughts approximately it!

At a time, 80% of the frames of bees are filled with brooding, pollen, or honey. You might also end up needing a combination of them. Therefore, you need to add the next box for the bees. 

This can be used for more brooding of bees and/or honey. So, you might need to buy a bulk of sugar at this point.

How Long To Add Second Brood Box?

You know when to add the second brood box already. But you don’t know how long to do it actually. So, you might be confused! 

To begin, determine if you’re employing deep hive bodies or medium-sized boxes for the brood area. Add your next box once the bees have drawn out 5-7 combs in their first box. The weather and the number of bees you have will affect how long it takes.

Inspect your hive every two weeks to keep track of its progress. Then wait until it pulls out 5 to 7 honeycombs with bees on the comb. Then you’ll need to add your super.

It is not necessary to wait until every frame has a drawn comb. Instead, when 6-7 frames have been drawn in a 10-frame box, comb. You should also consider adding a second box. On the other hand, the bees in the lower box will continue to build comb. There will, however, be enough space to work upwards into the new box now.

Second Brood Box On Top Or Bottom?

You need to place the second brood box on the top!

Remove both the inner and exterior covers. Place them on the ground along with a fresh empty box. Then remove two frames from the fresh empty box and place them on the table. 

After that, take two frames of brood from the old, full box. Then position them in the middle in the new box where you grabbed the two new frames. Now, push all of the frames together. After that, press the frames altogether in the old box. 

Place the new empty frames on the outer boundaries of the existing ones. You’re just swapping two frames from the empty box. Now, place the second box on top of the first box. After that, replace the inner and top covers.

Should You Add A Second Brood Box Before It’s Time?

Many folks are unsure when the second brood box should be added. So, when it comes to the time, we’ve got it covered.

One thing to keep in mind! Always add a second brood box before introducing any honey supers. Because a much stronger beehive will result in this. It will also provide extra space for the queen to lay her eggs. 

You may have anywhere from six to eight of them drawn out. Place your honey extremely on top of that in that case. In order for the bees to have greater space.

Problems With Adding Second Brood Box Too Soon

Some bees die as a result of a natural progression throughout their lives. This happens prior to the first appearance of new young bees. As a result, the colony will dwindle. 

Installing another box too soon is a difficult task for this fledgling colony. So, if the hive had remained the same, more bees would have emerged!

What To Do If Bees Are Not Moving Into Second Brood Box?

You might be stressed if the bees are not moving into the second brood box! What to do then?

The solution is to simply move up a few drawn frames. So they can get up to the second brood box. But if they still don’t move, you need to follow another thing. And that is adding a few basic frameworks to your top box. 

Then you’d see that they started to move into the second brood box. Remember one thing! Don’t add too many frameworks to the top box. 

So, this is what you can do if bees aren’t moving into the second brood box.

By that, we’ve come across the entire part. So, now we’ve got the knowledge about the time to add the second brood box.


How Many Brood Boxes Should A Hive Have?

The general measurement in most regions of the world is to use one brood box. However, using two brood boxes is also okay. But using three or more means that may cause harm to the bees.

How Long To Fill Second Brood Box?

A group of bees will probably require up to 2 months to fill a playback box. This is a realistic expectation. However, bees can fill them faster or take more time depending on local conditions. 

Second Brood Box Or Super- Which One Should I Go For?

Honey super is a flatter box, used only for collecting honey. So always add a second incubator before adding honey super. Because this will produce a more powerful beehive giving the queen more space to lay eggs.


That’s everything you need to know about when to add the second brood box. We hope we were able to help you with it.

Good luck!

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