Where To Buy Bulk Sugar For Bees

Where To Buy Bulk Sugar For Bees? 4 Recommendations

Sugar is not only used for food enhancement but also used for beehive management. You’d be surprised to know just how much sugar beekeepers need in order to work with bees. 

But most newbies struggle with having to look for bulks of sugar. So, we’ve come to clear all the doubts today!

So, where to buy bulk sugar for bees?

The best place you should consider buying bulk sugar is Sam’s online club. However, you can also get bulk sugar from other places as well. Walmart is a great place when it comes to buying bulk sugar. Besides, Costco should also be on your priority list when you buy bulk sugar.

Now you must be curious to know more. Hence we’ve prepared a detailed discussion for you.

Let’s get into it!

Why Do You Need Bulk Sugar for Bees?

Bees need bulk sugar for quite a few purposes. First, it is used to make up for the shortage of stored honey. This helps the bees to survive indoors more than they could. It also stimulates the colony to artificially encourage reproduction. 

So, feeding syrup is necessary. Because it increases the number of wild bees looking for pollen from the beehive. Since a large amount of artificial syrup is provided, it stimulates the beehive. 

This mainly happens after winter, when the colony is still waking up.

How Much Is ‘Bulk’ For Sugar Syrup?

In terms of sugar syrup, bulk quantity starts from 25 metric tonnes. This is the minimum you can order. But you can increase the quantity as much as you want.

Now, you might be thinking about the range of its price. So, you may see the local and international markets to get ideas. If you see, then you’d notice the price starting from around $0.45/kg.

What Is A Good Price Per lb For Bulk Sugar?

The price of bulk sugar actually depends on the quality and preferences of the buyers. However, you may still wonder what could be a good deal! So, buying per lb of sugar for $0.60 is a quite good deal. 

This price is similar to the price of a quart of honey. But before that, you must know how much a quart of honey weighs. It will help you to understand the pricing better.

Best Place to Buy Bulk Sugar: Sam’s Club Online

You may find a lot of places to buy bulk sugar online or offline. But you’d definitely go for the best place. So, the best online platform for bulk sugar is indubitably Sam’s club online. Now, you might think how are we so confident about it! 

So, let’s see the reasons why Sam’s club online is the best for this!

It has a large variation in its collection of sugar. So, you can choose from a wide range of them. And you can come up with some really good deals while buying sugar in bulk. 

Not only that, but you can get any type of sugar. Because they have pure sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, granular sugar, and many more. So, you can just choose according to your needs.

Why Sam’s Club Offers The Best Bang for the Bucks?

You might have already come up with various online platforms for buying bulk sugar. But have you ever heard about Sam’s Club? You might not know that this is where you can get your bulk sugar with the best deals. 

Not only that but this club awaits you many more offers! So, let’s see what is interesting about this one!

There are mainly 3 reasons for Sam’s club coming up with great offers as given below-

Reason 1 

You can get coupons in Sam’s online club. And this lets you save a good amount of money while shopping. 

Reason 2

Sam’s club online lets you buy in bulk. But that’s not it, it also reduces the price per item when you buy in bulk. So, it becomes quite a good deal.

Reason 3

You get the products here at reasonable prices overall. To be precise, Sam’s club online offers a cheaper price per unit of product. So, you’re just saving your money when you’re shopping here!

4 Sizes of Bulk Granular Sugar Sizes on Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club owns mainly 4 sizes of bulk granular sugar. The types of sugar are discussed below-

25 lbs: Domino Granulated Sugar

It has a size of 25 lbs. These are pantry staples and extracted from pure cane and are ideal for daily use.

12.5 lbs: Member’s Mark Premium Cane Sugar

They also provide sugar with sizes of 12.5 lbs. These are the premium crane sugars that are served in single packets. These sizes have a fixed amount of calories per packet which is 10 kcal. 

10 lbs: Domino Granulated Sugar

Moreover, they provide sugar with 10 lbs in size. These sugars have been premium with their quality for over 100 years. 

6 lbs: Wholesome Organic Cane Sugar

Finally, they provide sugar with packets of 6 lbs. These are made from organic cane which is certified as sugar. Besides, it contains molasses naturally. This sugar can attract a lot of bees to fly around the hive.

Other Places You Can Buy Bulk Granular Sugar From

Sam’s club online is the best for bulk sugar but there are more choices. Besides, the places are quite popular for retail and wholesale as well. 

However, it’s not only limited to traditional markets. Perhaps, you may consider buying bulk granulated sugar from online markets. 

Let’s get to know about two of the E-commerce websites to shop from there.


Walmart is an online company consisting of a lot of shops working there. To be precise, thousands of shops are always trading there at reasonable prices. Moreover, Walmart comes with good deals that are quite negotiable for the buyers. 

You can find granulated sugar at Walmart from a variety of companies. The price range can vary from $2 to $7 per lb there. You can just add an order in bulk and they’d confirm the shipping by themselves real soon.


Costco is an online corporation similar to Walmart. This corporation offers products at reasonable prices as well. 

You can get sugar in bulk from Costco as well. You need to pay $9.39 per 25 lb of granular sugar on average. However, there can be a slight variation in the price range depending on other factors.

Dancing Bee Equipment(Sugar Syrup)

Dancing Bee Equipment is a beekeeping equipment supplier, currently standing first in Canada. With the necessary equipment for beekeeping, you can get here bulk sugar as well. In addition, you can go and customize the quantity of sugar syrup you want.

Not only that, but you can also order from your place and get it right at your door. They offer you various types of quantities to choose from!

How Is Sugar Packaged And Transported?

The staff members of the company take the raw sugar from the sugar cane stalks. Then raw sugar is packaged in woven natural materials bags as a break-bulk freight. These are impermeable to water vapor and provide contamination protection. 

The sugar is sifted and then transported to tiny day bins. The information is then routed to packaging operations or bulk transportation. 

These are the processes that are commonly followed. However, some companies may have a little difference in their process. 

Do You Need Mixing For Bulk Sugar Syrup?

Yes, you need mixing for bulk sugar syrup. The weight or volume of a one-to-one mixture of sugar syrup and water is measured. It enables them to begin laying the groundwork. 

However, you can’t just provide the sugar syrup like that. Because that’s not what they exactly need.

So, you need to mix water and sugar with it. Take 10 2/3 cups of sugar and water and mix with it.

What Else You’ll Need Alongside Bulk Sugar?

You may think that you’ll only need bulk sugar. But you need two more things along with it. So, let’s see what those are-

Nozevit Plus

This is used for the control of no Zima. The manufacturers recommend using it for 0.18 ounces per gallon of sugar syrup. In other words, it’s about half a tablespoon per gallon. 


Honey-B-Health is an attractant that makes the bees take the spirit quicker. It also encourages the bees to draw out the foundation. 1 to 2 teaspoons of it per gallon is enough. 

Remember one thing. Adding honey-b-health is a way of making bees quick.


How To Store Bulk Sugar?

Sugar should be kept in a cold, dry place away from the refrigerator. Granulated sugar becomes hard and lumpy when exposed to moisture. When this happens, it causes issues with usage. 

What Temperature Should Sugar Be Stored At?

The shelf life of granulated sugar has no scientifically determined restrictions. But sugar has an unlimited shelf life if properly handled. So, it is a good option to store in temperatures of less than 90° F and 70 percent relative humidity.

Is Leftover Bulk Sugar As Good As Freshly Unpacked One?

The answer is no. Because it’s ideal to use up the sugar within a month.  Once the sugar bulk is unpacked, it should get started for use. 


Now, you know where to buy bulk sugar for bees! Make sure you make the decision correctly before buying your sugar.

Don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

Good luck!

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